Youtube has announced the arrival of new channels to its service.

Youtube has announced the arrival of new channels to its service, which will be available from next month and continue throughout the year. The creators more “talented” will join the list of this platform and will include channels created by personalities who offer music content, television, news and some more “innovative” other media companies spread around the world.

In the last year has not stopped YouTube offer new channels of entertainment to its users. For example, this month launched a new platform to acquire ‘merchandising’ called ‘The Merch Store’, and other content as a campaign to become a star, with inviting Spanish online content creators to participate in its programs .

Seeking to offer new forms of entertainment, YouTube has confirmed that in November to launch new channels in their service. According to the company, the aim of its new initiative is to expand and offer more options to users. The new channels join the subsidized spaces and educational programs brought to market in the last year for YouTube, which have achieved a wider range of entertainment and information.

The company explained in its blog that all channels will be thinking of reaching the public. Different themes and formats make up the new programming on YouTube. Some of the new channels will include the participation of celebrities or experts who are expected to equip themselves with quality content.

From the point of view of advertisers, the company has ensured that this new way of working will allow advertisers to “a new way to participate and reach their consumers around the world.” The new channels that come in November and will last throughout the year will be available worldwide and on any device connected to the Internet.



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